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Great Tips For Making Money Online With Tumblr

February 10 2016 , Written by Aleisha

Great Tips For Making Money Online With Tumblr

Tumblr is an easy to use free blogging platform that if used correctly can be made into a successful site which produces online income. With its peer sharing capabilities (Re-Blogging), Monetizing, Product Promotion and Affiliate Programs it provides many opportunities to bring in money through a popular Tumblr blog. Tumblr also comes with a variety of themes and designs which make it easy to find one that fits your personal needs. Not to mention its free (excluding premium themes).

The foundation of receiving income through Tumblr is constant traffic and loyal followers. The key to achieving this is producing quality content that is both relevant and interesting whether it be pictures, quotes, videos or articles. Building a group of visitors is essential to this process and can be accomplished fairly easy through tags, SEO, guest posting and creating content daily to keep up a steady stream of visitors.

Tumblr is primary used as a Re-Blogging platform, users like / re post articles, videos, posts and pictures they find interesting. This allows for a single post to be spread incredibly quickly through Tumblr and other sites.

Monetizing through Tumblr is also a popular way to make money if one has a stream of daily traffic. Popular Services include AdSense by Google and MadAds Media. While many others exist, both AdSense and MadAds have a confirmed record of payment and service by a variety of bloggers which gives peace of mind when using these systems. Using Tumblr for Product Promotion, whether it be a book, picture Amazon Items or even Youtube is a hassle-free and great way to direct people to the desired item.

Tumblr is a user friendly site when it comes to adding links which means minutes of blogging could produce far more return than the initial investment. Affiliate Marketing is essentially driving customers from your sites to other sites which they will hopefully purchase an item or subscription. They pay with the money made from the traffic driven to their site through your link. Both Shareasale, ClickBank and Amazon. A priceless tip when blogging through Tumblr is targeting the correct audience. Make sure to produce posts that have a direct correlation to the audience you are trying to reach. Too specific of posts might limit the audience and variety is good, too much (random posting) will fail to draw the steady and loyal followers for which a successful money-making blog requires. Happy Blogging!

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